Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to designing your site so that you’re closer to the top of organic search results when users search for your products on Google and other major search engines.

There are two methods you can use to implement search engine optimization (SEO):

Method 1: BVSEO zip solution

Everyday you will have to download and unpack SEO files (this can be automated). This was previously known as Smart SEO.

Note: This is the legacy SEO implementation method used by most PRR clients.

Your technical team will need to download and integrate JavaScript code into your web server. This method is also known as BVSEO.

Which method do I choose?

The SEO integration SDK supports the retrieval of search-friendly content for both the cloud SEO and zip SEO methods.

However, cloud SEO is strongly recommended over the zip file configuration for the following reasons:

  • Cloud SEO files are more up to date.
  • Cloud SEO is more reliable and stable.
  • Bazaarvoice is responsible for all cloud SEO file publishing processes. This reduces internal maintenance responsibility for you.
  • Cloud SEO is often faster at retrieving content than the zipped file system.
Note: Technical limitations may make the cloud-based solution infeasible for your site. If this is the case, Bazaarvoice will offer the downloadable daily zip file solution. This will contain everything you need to make your implementation SEO-friendly.