A simple submission URL (ssURL) quickly takes customers to a review submission form without having them go through a lengthy sign-in process.

Refer to the following sections to learn more about ssURLs and the steps necessary to create a simple submission URL:

Why are ssURLs important?

Through Bazaarvoice’s simple submission technology, you can pre-authenticate contributors so they aren’t required to sign in before submitting a review.

Research shows that when customers have to locate a product page, open the submission form, and then sign in, 75% will abandon the process. Using ssURLs removes that barrier, potentially increasing review volume and the effectiveness of email campaigns.

How do ssURLs work?

A contributor either selects a review submission link on your website or selects the Write a review link embedded within a review request (formerly post-interaction email or PIE).

The ssURL behind the link loads a submission container page before loading the submission form. Using the parameters from the ssURL, the container page determines:

  • Submission type (single product or generic product picker)
  • Submission location
  • User authentication (if necessary)
  • Submission campaign ID
  • Contributor/content badges (if necessary)
Note: The product picker enables your customers to select the product or products they want to review. Instead of opening a review submission form for a specific product, the ssURL displays a screen where the contributor can select which product to review.

If the contributor is pre-authenticated by Bazaarvoice, they should not have to go through a sign-in process to write a review. However, a pre-authenticated link does not sign users in to your site for functions such as accessing a personal account page. They will still need to sign in for those functions.

Where to use ssURLs

You can use ssURLs in any web media, such as an email, splash page, or banner. You can associate ssURLs with objects like buttons and images, or you can display an ssURL as a text link.

An ssURL can open a submission form that displays a product picker page for all products in your product catalog or for all products in a specific category or product family.

Finally, if you use a third-party service to drive review volume, ensure that every campaign uses ssURLs so collected content will be included in the Bazaarvoice Network.

To learn more, refer to How to create an ssURL in Support Community.