Create a blank submission container page on your website to display rendered Bazaarvoice submission forms.

Note: Only use this code as a reference. Do not copy and paste this code without adding your company's specific information.
  1. Add the following example code within the <head> element of the blank HTML page.

     <html xmlns="">
         <script type="text/javascript"
         <script type="text/javascript">
             $BV.ui("submission_container", {
                 userToken: "XXXXX"
  2. Place the following code within the body of the page where you want the submission form to render:

         <div id="BVSubmissionContainer"></div>

    The Bazaarvoice submission form loads within the BVSubmissionContainer <div> element.

    Note: Use the URL of the submission container page as the submissionContainerUrl when you integrate user-generated content (UGC) into your product display pages.

JavaScript code

Script element Description Contact Bazaarvoice Support for this value. It's the name of the folder where your display code configurations are stored. This value normally contains your company name, for example
/bvstaging This allows you to test your submission container in your staging environment. Remove /bvstaging from the URL before launching in your production environment.
1234-en_us Contact Bazaarvoice Support for a display code value. The display code is a unique identifier for each PRR client assigned at provisioning. The format is a 4-digit number. The optional series of characters after the 1234 is used to donate subfolders within your main client folder. For example, -en_us would hold your translation files.
bvapi.js bvapi.js loads synchronously. However, this file introduces no perceived performance impact in most conditions. All remaining resources load asynchronously.
$BV.ui This is the Bazaarvoice UI configuration call. The BV.ui call loads the Bazaarvoice submission form within the submission container page.
XXXXX This user token represents the encoded user authenticated string (UAS). Bazaarvoice uses the UAS to verify that the content came from a trusted source. If you do not have a user token, leave this blank.