Use inline ratings to display the average rating and the number of reviews for a product before opening the product display page (PDP).

Inline star ratings help your customers to research and compare products. If the customer likes the summary information, they can click the inline rating summary and drill down to view all posted ratings and reviews for that product.

What is the ratings-only export feed?

The ratings-only export feed is a daily XML-based export of product specific, ratings related content.

Data from a ratings-only export feed is useful for completing the following tasks:

  • Enabling star ratings on your website
  • Improving site search and navigation
  • Providing snapshots, averages, and other valuable information that assist with sorting

Default XML configuration

The XML-based export file typically includes:

  • Product IDs
  • Number of:
    • Total number of reviews
    • Total number of ratings (for reviews that feature only ratings and no reviews)
  • Number of reviewers who would recommend the product
  • Average overall ratings
  • Maximum rating values

The default configuration for a ratings-only export feed contains the following values:

  • Frequency – Daily
  • History – Full
  • Format – XML
  • Compression – GZIP
  • Delivery location – Bazaarvoice SFTP Server
  • Content type
    • Reviews
    • Questions/Answers
  • Moderation Status – Approved
  • Inactive / Disabled - This does not include inactive products
Note: Any changes to the default configuration options (including receiving a feed more than once per day or including statistics broken down by locale) will require a custom feed setup. Contact Bazaarvoice Support to request configuration changes or more information.

Ratings-only XML schema

The XML schema for your ratings-only export feed is based on the syndication feed schema, which resides at the following location:<version>

Note: version is the appropriate Bazaarvoice release number.

For example, the XML schema for the syndication feed that is associated with version x.x resides at the following location:

Retrieving the ratings-only export feed

Bazaarvoice will generate your ratings-only export feed and store it in a specified SFTP location. We will download the ratings-only export feed daily.

Supply a public SSH key if you choose to automate this process by using SSH passwordless entry.

  • Before you go live: Download the ‘staging’ ratings-only export feed from the /feeds directory of the staging SFTP server for testing purposes. Refer to the staging server SFTP connection location below.

  • After you go live: Download the ‘production’ ratings-only export feed from the /feeds directory of the production SFTP server. Refer to the production server SFTP connection location below.

SFTP connection locations

To access the Bazaarvoice SFTP locations:

  • Staging server:
  • Production server:

Contact Bazaarvoice Support if you have not received your login credentials.