Bazaarvoice Workbench is a secure hub where you monitor, analyze, and interact with your collected reviews.

At a glance, you can use Workbench to:

  • View and manage your ratings and reviews program
  • Access dashboards that summarize your review content
  • Create and manage reports
  • Set up alerts for specific events, such as a sudden drop in product ratings
  • Manage users on your account

To sign in to Workbench:

  1. Go to to sign in.
  2. Select the menu located in the upper-left corner to view a list of your Bazaarvoice solutions.
  3. Select Workbench in the menu. The “Where did Workbench go?” page displays.
  4. Select your company from the dropdown menu.
    Tip: Depending on your level of access, choose between signing in to your staging or production environment.
  5. Select Go to Workbench.

Explore Workbench

When you sign in to Workbench, the landing page greets you with a lot of information. The menus in the upper-left corner give you access to the majority of Workbench’s functionality.

The other resources on the landing page either provide quick links to menu items, or summarize recent review collection activity and Bazaarvoice news.

Workbench has the following layout:

Workbench screenshot
Key Description
1 Provides access to the majority of Workbench features.
2 Provides summaries of UGC activity for each type of content.
3 Provides links to commonly used tools and resources.
4 Provides links to analytical functions, such as dashboards, reports, and alerts.
5 Provides links to change your language, switch accounts, or access the support portal.

Manage content

Note: A phased beta release of the new Ratings & Reviews content management tool is in progress. We'll contact your organization to schedule access to the beta release, so you can start managing and responding to consumer reviews in the Bazaarvoice Portal instead of Workbench. For guidance on using Ratings & Reviews (beta), refer to the following resources:
  • Ratings & Reviews (beta)–content management in Portal
  • Ratings & Reviews introductory video
  • Note: The new Questions & Answers (beta) content management tool is now available in the Bazaarvoice Portal. In the current beta phase, app functionality is limited to searching, sorting, and viewing content. To carry out content moderation tasks, answer consumer questions, and manage contributors, you’ll need to use the legacy Workbench app. For guidance on getting started with Questions & Answers (beta), refer to Questions & Answers (beta)—content management in Portal.

    One of the main features of Workbench is the ability to view and interact with your UGC. You can explore details for individual pieces of content, respond to contributor submissions, migrate content from one product to another, share content across different products, and remove reviews for specific products.

    The goal of managing your content is to learn what consumers are saying about your products and use this feedback to inform future business decisions and increase conversion. You can address negative feedback or confusion about your products by responding to your contributors in a timely manner and investigating product flaws. You can review positive feedback to learn about product strengths your marketing team may not have known about, and use the feedback to improve how you sell and target your products in the future.

    View your content

    Using Workbench you can view or search through all the UGC on your site. The search filters are particularly powerful because they allow you to narrow the content down to just what you’re looking for. For example, you can search for negative reviews or unanswered questions received for products over the past week, and then respond to the relevant contributors.

    Tip: If you want to view consolidated information, such as a list of negative reviews by product, use a report to create a spreadsheet displaying the information you want to view. You can run reports on a one-off basis or schedule them to be emailed to a list of recipients on a set schedule. You can also set up alerts to summarize important information in a recurring email, or notify you immediately when certain conditions occur, such as when a product receives a one-star review.

    To view and search your UGC:

    1. Sign in to Workbench.
    2. Select Content > Manage Content and then select the product you want to view the content for (such as Ratings & Reviews).
    3. Filter your view to relevant content. You can filter by:
      • Date
      • Keyword
      • Product information, such as brand, category, ID, product attributes, or product status
      • Contributor information
      • Content information, such as rating, review type, campaign source, or net promoter score
      • Moderation information, such as whether the content has been approved or what moderation codes have been applied to it
    4. (Optional) After you apply your filters, select Save View to add the view to the dropdown menu for repeated use.
    5. (Optional) Select Word Cloud to display common words and phrases used in your UGC.

    When viewing content, you can filter on campaign sources, which are particularly useful because they indicate how the content was collected. For example, when a user selects a “Write a review” link in the rating summary on a product display page (PDP), the campaign source is Rating Summary and the campaign ID is BV_RATING_SUMMARY. Here is a list of all campaign sources (IDs) provided by the system. If an ID maps to a Campaign Source filter, it is also listed here.

    Campaign ID Campaign Source Description of submission source
    BV_RATING_SUMMARY_ZERO_REVIEWS Rating Summary (zero reviews) Rating summary block with no reviews


    Social summary block
    BV_REVIEW_DISPLAY_ZERO_REVIEWS Review Display (zero reviews) Review display with no reviews
    BV_REVIEW_SEARCH Review search

    Client-injected link

    BV_MOSTHELPFUL_POSITIVE Empty positive slot in most helpful review block


    Empty critical slot in most helpful review block
    BV_MOBILE_RATING_SUMMARY_ZERO_REVIEWS Rating summary block with no reviews in mobile format
    BV_MOBILE_REVIEW_DISPLAY_ZERO_REVIEWS Review display with no reviews in mobile format
    BV_MOBILE_SUBMISSIONLINK Client-injected links in mobile format
    BV_QA_SUMMARY Questions Summary Questions summary page
    BV_QA_SEARCH Questions Search Questions search page


    Questions Home Question and Answer home page
    BV_QA_BROWSE_STANDALONE Browse (standalone) Question and Answer browse page (standalone)
    BV_QA_BROWSE Browsing Question and Answer browse page
    BV_QA_REVIEW_THANKYOU Review Thank You Page Thank you page of review submission
    BV_QA_REVIEW_SOCIAL_ALERT Review Social Alerts Social alert for review submission
    BV_QA_REVIEW_COMMENT_THANKYOU Review Comment Thank You Page Thank you page of review comment submission
    BV_QA_ANSWER_THANKYOU Answer Thank You Page Thank you page of answer submission
    BV_QA_ANSWER_SOCIAL_ALERT Answer Social Alert Social alert for answer submission
    BV_QA_PROFILE Profile Question and Answer profile page


    Answer Zone List of shuffled questions
    BV_QA_LATEST_QUESTIONS_WIDGET Latest Questions Widget Latest Questions widget
    BV_QA_SMART_ROUTING Smart Question Routing Smart Question Routing social alerts
    BV_PORTAL_SOCIAL_ALERTS_TEST Social alerts testing tool in portal
    BV_SOCIALAPPS_FACEBOOK Facebook Social Application Facebook application
    BV_PROFILE_EDIT_TAB Link on the profile edit tab
    BV_PROFILE_REVIEW_THANKYOU Thank you page of review submission
    BV_PROFILE_REVIEW_COMMENT_THANKYOU Thank you page of review comment submission
    BV_PROFILE_QUESTION_THANKYOU Thank you page of question submission


    Thank you page of answer submission
    BV_PROFILE_STORY_THANKYOU Thank you page of story submission
    BV_PROFILE_STORY_COMMENT_THANKYOU Thank you page of story comment submission
    BV_PRR_REVIEW_THANKYOU Review Thank You Page Review thank you page of review submission
    BV_PRR_REVIEWCOMMENT_THANKYOU Review Comment Thank You Page Review thank you page of review comment submission
    BV_PRR_ANSWER_THANKYOU Answer Thank You Page Review thank you page of answer submission
    BV_PRR_QUESTION_THANKYOU Question Thank You Page Review thank you page of question submission
    BV_PRR_STORY_THANKYOU Story Thank You Page Review thank you page of story submission
    BV_PRR_STORYCOMMENT_THANKYOU Story Comment Thank You Page Review thank you page of story comment submission
    BV_PRR_MOBILE_REVIEW_THANKYOU Review Thank You Page (mobile) Review thank you page of mobile review submission