Bazaarvoice Workbench is a secure hub where you monitor, analyze, and interact with your collected reviews.

At a glance, you can use Workbench to:

  • View and manage your ratings and reviews program
  • Access dashboards that summarize your review content
  • Create and manage reports
  • Set up alerts for specific events, such as a sudden drop in product ratings
  • Manage users on your account

To log in to Workbench:

  1. Go to to log in.
  2. Click the menu located in the upper-left corner to view a list of your Bazaarvoice solutions.
  3. Click Workbench in the menu. The “Where did Workbench go?” page displays.
  4. Select your company from the drop-down menu.
    Tip: Depending on your level of access, choose between logging in to your staging or production environment.
  5. Click Go to Workbench.

Explore Workbench

When you log in to Workbench, the landing page greets you with a lot of information. The menus in the upper-left corner give you access to the majority of Workbench’s functionality.

The other resources on the landing page either provide quick links to menu items, or summarize recent review collection activity and Bazaarvoice news.

Workbench has the following layout:

Workbench screenshot
Key Description
1 Provides access to the majority of Workbench features.
2 Provides summaries of UGC activity for each type of content.
3 Provides links to commonly used tools and resources.
4 Provides links to analytical functions, such as dashboards, reports, and alerts.
5 Provides links to change your language, switch accounts, or access the support portal.