The following technical tasks must be completed in order to collect and display user-generated content (UGC) on your website.

If you’re having technical issues troubleshoot the following topics.

  1. Grant Bazaarvoice access to your development website
  2. Provide Bazaarvoice with a data feed of your product catalog
  3. Create and host a submission form container page
  4. Collect reviews using review requests (formerly post-interaction email or PIE)
  5. Enable BV Pixel to capture customer purchasing information
  6. Streamline the review submission process using ssURLs
  7. Integrate code to display user-generated content on your website
  8. Optimize SEO
  9. Measure performance using Bazaarvoice reports
  10. Gain insights using Bazaarvoice dashboards
  11. Measure UGC interaction using third-party analytics
Note: You can rely on the Bazaarvoice implementation team to provide detailed guidance and support for each step in the implementation process. Contact Bazaarvoice Support if you cannot resolve your issue.

Advanced integration options

HTML example code

For additional guidance, refer to these HTML code examples.

Design services and offerings

Bazaarvoice has a team of User Experience (UX) consultants who provide custom design solutions for the PRR platform. Take advantage of our expertize to help you: