Ensure that the following prerequisites are satisfied before starting a Bazaarvoice integration:

Grant access to your development website

Your technical team must grant the Bazaarvoice access to a development website, without the need for a VPN client or other type or remote access.

Bazaarvoice assures you that no changes or updates will be made to your code.

Note: If your staging environment resides behind a firewall, open port 80 or a non-standard port to the following IP addresses and ranges. The two *Austin IP addresses are required. The other IP addresses can be added as needed.
IP Address Location *Austin, USA *Austin, USA London, UK Sydney, AU New York, USA Lviv, UA

Grant access to your staging server

The implementation team needs browser access to your staging environment to complete the following tasks:

  • Style the PRR product
  • Resolve cascading style sheets (CSS) conflicts
  • Assist with the resolution of code-integration issues
  • Perform functional testing