Use post-interaction email (PIE) messages to invite your customers to leave reviews for online and offline purchases.

PIE benefits

Clients who use Bazaarvoice’s PIE program, including follow-up PIE, have seen 80+ percent of their Ratings & Reviews volume generated through PIE.

PIE is:

  • Essential to driving review volume. You can expect to generate four moderated and approved reviews per 100 PIE messages sent (on average).
  • Adds significant product coverage and content freshness. PIE drives significant volume back to your site. Some clients see thousands of transactions per week from PIE based visitors.
  • Enhances search engine optimization (SEO) value.
Note: Email campaigns are the foundation of review collection.


To request and collect reviews by email, we need information about your customers and, ideally, each of their purchases. Purchase information enables us to ask for reviews about the specific products customers bought, which results in three times more reviews than generic requests for reviews.

Typically, a PIE message is sent to a consumer after an eCommerce transaction such as after a product is purchased.

If you want to send a PIE message after a non-eCommerce transaction (for example, after they sign up for a newsletter), the transaction must be associated with a product that is included in your product catalog.

Note: If you don't have a product ID, you can't use the post-interaction email (PIE) solution.

Customer and product information is captured either by BV Pixel (maintenance-free PIE) or is contained in the feed-based PIE.

Implement PIE

To request reviews using post-interaction email (PIE), you must perform the following steps:

Step 1: Contact Bazaarvoice Client Care to enable PIE and configure when you want PIE messages to be sent to your customers.
Step 2: Collect transaction data when your customers purchase a product. There are two different methods to send your transaction data to Bazaarvoice:

  • Method 1: Maintenance-free PIE works with the BV Pixel to collect encrypted transaction and interaction data directly from your site. This is the recommended method for performance improvements.
  • Method 2: Feed-based PIE requires you to upload an XML file to Bazaarvoice containing transaction data that can be used in PIE messages. However, most PRR clients are using this method.
    Note: Use the feed-based PIE method only if BV Pixel is not implemented on your website. Bazaarvoice recommends using maintenance-free PIE (BV Pixel) for performance improvements and future innovations.

Step 3: Test PIE.

PIE workflow

Learn more about the workflow and timing of PIE messages.

Bazaarvoice stores all consumer email addresses on secure servers. The email addresses are kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party or sold for marketing or advertising purposes. To protect consumer privacy, we delete email addresses 60 days after you submit them.