Caution: If you have an existing BV Pixel implementation that uses the scout file (bvapi.js), refer to the BV Pixel v1 documentation. However, Bazaarvoice encourages you to migrate to BV Pixel v2 (using the BV loader file, bv.js) for performance improvements and future innovations.

To take advantage of BV Pixel v2:

  1. Confirm with your BV team that your BV instance is configured to take advantage of Pixel v2.
  2. Publish your implementation to Staging and Production following these instructions:
    1. From the Bazaarvoice Staging workbench, select Settings » Manage Applications to display the Site Manager page of the Configuration Hub.
    2. Click Deploy next to the implementation and keep the Environment as Staging and select Next.
    3. Click Deploy next to the implementation and select Production for Environment and select Next.
  3. Follow the BV Pixel v2 instructions.