The View Campaigns page of the portal provides an overview of draft (pre-launch) and launched (in-progress and completed) campaigns.

After a campaign closes and reviews are submitted, these content services are provided:

  • Moderation—Content is sent through automated filters, then passed on to human moderators who read and tag content for approval, rejection, or review. Content is then passed through for further filtering based on customized rules and alerts in Ratings & Reviews.
  • Badging—An incentivized review badge is applied to all reviews. Badges (icons) are displayed on the your site, and text indicating that the reviews were incentivized are included in reviews that are syndicated.
  • Tagging—Sampling review content is tagged with a unique campaign ID, so that you can locate and review it in the Bazaarvoice workbench.
  • Syndication—Reviews are available to retail networks as specified in your Bazaarvoice contract.

This section of the knowledge base enables you to manage campaign information and members. This section also describes how to view reports.

Only admin users can perform the procedures in this section.