Export the list of products that have been added to the portal, either as an unreleased product or as a vendor-nominated product.

Complete the following steps to export product data:

  1. Click Products at the top of the portal and then click View Products.
  2. Click Export To CSV. The file is downloaded to your system.

The following data is included in the CSV file:

  • Product Name—Official name of the product.
  • SKU—Stock keeping unit (SKU) or product ID
  • UPC—Unique product code of the product, which is a 6- or 12-digit value whose last digit provides a verifiable checksum of the number
  • Product Description—Detailed description of the product
  • Product Category—Category of the product
  • Product Image—Image or URL to an image that will be displayed to the member
  • Type—For products that are not in the product feed, whether the product is unreleased or vendor-nominated
  • Inventory Quantity—Number of samples that will be or were available during the campaign.
  • FMV—Fair market value (FMV) of the product, which is the general market price of the product on your website
  • Available—Dates of availability, if specified by the vendor
  • Vendor—Vendor that was added to the portal and will fulfill shipping requests for the product
  • Vendor Status—Whether the vendor is pending, active, or deactivated
  • Created—Date and time when the product was added to the portal
  • Last Updated—Date and time Date and time when the product was last modified
  • Inventory Quantity Vendor Update—Date and time when the vendor last updated the quantity of samples available