Before you can associate a product sample with a campaign, you must add the product to the portal. Then, the product is available in the list of existing products that is available when you create a campaign. Even if a campaign has launched, you can add a product.

Tip: If you have multiple new products to add to the portal, you can import them instead.

Add a product

  1. Click Products at the top of the portal and then click View Products.
  2. Click + Add Product. The Add Product form is displayed.
  3. Provide the following on the form:

    • Product Name–Official name of the product. This information is required.
    • SKU/Product ID–Stock keeping unit (SKU) or product ID. This information is required. If necessary, provide a temporary ID and then you can migrate all reviews collected against this temporary ID to the released product ID later.
    • Category–Type of product. This information is required.
    • Description–Detailed description of the product.
    • Image–Image or URL to an image that will be displayed to the member
    • Fair Market Value (FMV)–Fair market value (FMV) of the product, which is the general market price of the product on your website.
    • Inventory Quantity–The number of samples that will be available during the campaign. This information is required.
  4. Click Save.

Edit products

You can modify a product’s attributes after it is added to the portal or after a campaign has begun.

  1. Click Products at the top of the portal and then click View Products.
  2. Click a name in the Product Name column. The Edit Product form is displayed.
    Tip: If you do not see a product in the list, make sure it is not filtered out. Select an option from the Filter Products drop-down list.
  3. Modify any of the product settings, as needed. Refer to Add a product for a description of each property.
  4. Click Update.