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You might consider posting a banner that includes an invitation link on one of your owned properties, such as on a social-media site or your website. Alternatively, if you do not have significant traffic on your owned properties or if you are targeting a consumer that is different than the one who currently visits these properties, you can used paid media to communicate the invitation link. Bazaarvoice has a media group that may be able to assist if you are looking to place links on one of our clients’ properties.

When you create a campaign, you can set a limit on the maximum number of products that a member can sample. Most clients set this value to two.

This depends how much actionable information you have on hand. Three categories are available when selecting criteria during campaign creation:

  • Admin Interests typically reflect internal management or reporting structure options
  • Tags typically reflect customer segmentation schemes
  • Sources indicate where the contact information came from

Keep this in mind when choosing sampling products:

  • Products within an individual campaign should have similarly perceived consumer value to avoid "cherry picking"
  • Consider these characteristics when evaluating products to include:
    • High margin or strategically important products with low review volume
    • Strategically important products where timing is important (new or seasonal items)
    • New items that can create excitement and provide members with a sense of exclusive group membership
    • Mass appeal of product if no targeting data is available

The number of products to include depends on your objective and budget:

  • To direct reviews to a specific set of items such as new products, limit the offer to concentrate sample requests.
  • To maximize the total number reviews driven by a campaign, include as many products as possible, though you should be careful not to overwhelm members.

In general, it is recommended that you limit a campaign to 32 products (or less).

Updates to any of the Sampling portal infrastructure that was set up before the portal was launched are made by our Sampling team. Examples would include Terms and Conditions, FAQs, or the email address used for the various "Contact us” links. Contact Bazaarvoice Support for assistance.