If you want to invite advocates to become members of your sampling program but you do not want to send an email message as described in Invite advocates to become members, you can create a link that you deploy. Use this method if you have high traffic on your site or high engagement on your social sites.

After you create the link, you can place it in an email message (outside of the portal), a website banner, social media post, or digital ad.

To create a registration link, complete the following steps.

  1. Click Members at the top of the portal and then click Create Invitation Link.
  2. In the Max registrations field, type the maximum number of members that can register with your sampling program using this link.
  3. Click in the Registration link expiration field and then select a date when the link will expire.
  4. Determine the advocates who can register by specifying qualifying information. You can filter advocates by internal information that you provide and that members cannot view or change (Tags, Sources, and Admin Interests) and information that the members provide (Interests).
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Copy URL to copy the URL in the URL to share with users field.
  7. Click Done.