You can export vendors to a comma-separated value (CSV) file to view a list of all vendors that have ever been added to the portal. This might be useful, for example, to view the last time a vendor logged in to the portal.

Do the following to export vendor data.

  1. Click Vendors at the top of the portal and then click View Vendors.
  2. Click Export To CSV. The file is downloaded to your system.

The following data is included in the CSV file:

  • First Name—First (given) name of the contact at the vendor
  • Last Name—Last name (surname) of the contact at the vendor
  • Email—Contact’s email address
  • Phone—Contact’s phone number
  • Company—Company name of the vendor
  • Status—One of the following:
    • Invited – Invited to your sampling program but not yet registered. Until registered, vendors cannot be associated with a product.
    • Pending – Has completed a profile but has not yet confirmed registration (through email). Pending vendors cannot be associated with a product.
    • Active – Has completed a profile, personal information, and preferences, and is eligible to participate in a campaign.
    • Deactivated – Removed from active status and can no longer participate in a sampling program. You can deactivate vendors or they can deactivate themselves.
  • Products not shipped—Number of products that were requested of the vendor but not shipped
  • Last login date—Date and time when the vendor last logged in to the portal