The dashboard of the portal provides an overview of all product requests and all campaigns that are in progress or complete. This page gives you a high-level view of campaign parameters and how each campaign is progressing.

This page also enables you, the vendor, to

To view products and campaigns, click Dashboard at the top of the portal.

At the top of the page, this information is provided:

  • Number of unique products offered
  • Total products offered, requested, and shipped
  • Percentage and number of products reviewed

Below the buttons, all campaigns with products associated with this vendor are listed. You can

  • Narrow the view by filtering campaigns: select an option from the Show All Campaigns drop-down list.
  • Search for a specific campaign by typing the campaign name, SKU (product ID), product name, or customer name (member name) in the Search field (clear the field to list all campaigns again).
  • Sort campaigns by clicking a column heading.

In the table, this information is provided:

  • #—Internal ID of the campaign for the vendor
  • Campaign—Name of campaign that offered the requested product
  • SKU—ID or SKU of the product as specified when the product was added to the portal
  • Product—Name of the product
  • Customer—Full name of member who requested the sample
  • Requested—Date when the member requested the product sample
  • Shipped—Whether the product has shipped and, if so, the date on which it shipped
  • Reviews—If a review has been submitted, “Submitted” is listed in this column