When a campaign ends, we send the fulfillment distribution list to the vendors who are selling the products requested by community members during the campaign. They receive an email that allows them to download a comma-separated value (CSV) file of orders to fulfill. You can download this list if you are managing fulfillment in-house or to view the list of requested samples.

Note: If the shipping carrier does not ship to post office (PO) boxes, you need to contact members who have specified a PO box as their shipping address. Contact these members and request that they update their profiles with a new street address. When updated, you can download a new fulfillment distribution list.

To download a fulfillment distribution list:

  1. Go to Sampling Administration > Fulfillment.
  2. Filter by campaign name or ID.
  3. Select Export / Import CSV > Export orders to CSV to download a CSV file of all open orders for your chosen campaign. The file is downloaded to your local system’s downloads directory.
  4. Email the file to your vendor contact and ask them to add the following information:
    • Shipped Date—Date of shipment, in this format: mm/dd/yyyy
    • Shipping Carrier—Name of the shipping carrier, such as FedEx Ground, UPS, or USPS
    • Tracking Number—Tracking number for the shipment as provided by the carrier. This number must be in numeric format and can’t contain dashes or other characters.
    • Tracking URL—Fully qualified web address to the carrier’s site where the member can track the shipment
  5. Once you receive this information, upload the completed CSV file by selecting Export / Import CSV > Import orders to CSV.