Here’s the workflow of a sampling program, from your point of view and that of consumers:

Sampling Program Workflow

Admin’s workflow for using the portal

To reach that goal of influencing consumers, you will complete this workflow:

Admin Workflow

Using the Sampling portal (as the admin user), you will

  1. Invite advocates to become members of your sampling program. This phase is often referred to as “member acquisition” and is a key step to a successful campaign.
  2. Create the sampling campaign, which includes identifying the products that will be sampled, the campaign timeline, and the vendors that might help fulfill product requests.
  3. Launch campaign, which sends email invitations to members.
  4. Ship samples to members who request them. If vendors are registered with your campaign, they perform this step. Otherwise, you can fulfill shipping requests.
  5. Request reviews. You configured reminder email messages to be sent automatically when you created the campaign.

Member’s workflow for using the portal

Member Workflow

Vendor’s workflow for using the portal

Vendor Workflow