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No, this feature ("bulk update") is not available today. You cannot upload new member information to update existing profiles.

This depends how you execute the invitation. If an invitation link is sent using an email template in the Sampling portal, the link cannot be forwarded. However, if a link is published on a website or social media page, it is transferable, though you can limit the number of respondents when you set up the campaign or membership invitation. So, while a public link may result in respondents from unintended sources, there is no risk of exceeding your planned participation.

Currently, the only way to add new members to a campaign that is in progress is to manually add them.

Yes, you can deactivate members. Member information is retained as “Deactivated” and you can reactivate the member in the future if desired. You cannot, however, delete members, and their profile and campaign data is not removed from the portal. If a member wants to be completely removed, you can update their profile to remove all personal information.

If the campaign is not actively closed but its quantity has been exhausted, the product is displayed on the campaign selection page but is greyed out. If a threshold is met, a message similar to the following is displayed: This registration link is no longer valid.

The only required column is email address. Refer to Invite advocates to become members for more information.

Yes. Click on a member's name on the View Members page and then modify the member ID.

Yes, search for the email address by typing it in the search field on the View Members page.