The Sent Campaigns page is displayed when you click Reports at the top of the portal. Every in-progress or completed campaign is listed on this page. The following columns are provided on this page:

  • Campaign Name—Name, start date, and end date of the campaign
  • Total # of products—Number of products available to be sampled during the campaign
  • Products requested—Quantity of total products (across all SKUs) that are requested by members to sample
  • Products shipped—Number of products shipped to members
  • # SKUs reviewed—Quantity of product types (SKUs) reviewed by members and a percentage of the number of products that were reviewed compared to all product types offered within the campaign
  • # Invitees—Number of members invited to participate in the campaign
  • # Reviews—Number reviews submitted by members who reviewed products offered by the campaign
  • # Reviewers—Number of members who reviewed products offered by the campaign

You can sort the campaigns by clicking a column heading.

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Downloading reports

In addition to this page, you can download these reports, which are available on various portal pages:

  • Campaign data, which provides information about all ongoing and completed campaigns and their results
  • Member data, which lists information about all advocates who became members and are eligible to join a campaign
  • A member’s product requests and reviews, which provides a summary of the member, all samples requested, and all reviews submitted.
  • Vendor data, which lists all vendors in the system
  • Product data, which lists all products that were added to the portal or nominated by vendors
  • Fulfillment distribution list, which contains the names, mailing addresses, and products requested by each participating member of a campaign.
  • Admin data, which lists all admins that were added to the portal

Viewing campaign details

  1. Click Reports at the top of the portal.
  2. Click the name of a campaign in the Campaign Name column.

Refer to for more information about the information that is displayed.

Exporting campaign results

  1. Click Reports at the top of the portal.
  2. Click the Export icon on the right side of the campaign’s row. A comma-separated value (CSV) file is downloaded to your system.

The following data is included in the CSV file:

  • Product ID—ID of the product that was requested by the member
  • Member ID—The ID of the member who requested the sample
  • Product Name—Name of the sample that was requested
  • Member Name—Full name of the member who requested the sample
  • Member Email—Email address of the member
  • Vendor Name—Vendor assigned to the product that handles fulfillment
  • Vendor Email—Email address of the assigned vendor
  • Vendor Status—Whether the vendor is active, pending, invited, or deactivated
  • Requested—When the member requested the product sample
  • Shipped—When the vendor marked the product as shipped
  • Tracking Number—Shipping carrier’s tracking number of the package, if specified by the vendor when the product shipped
  • Tracking Carrier—Carrier used to ship the product
  • Review Submitted—Date and time when the member submitted a review of the product; blank if no review has been submitted
  • Reviews— If a review has been submitted, “Submitted” is listed in this column

Viewing the number of products sampled

You can view the number of products (SKUs) that were sampled across all campaigns you have run. You can also review your Bazaarvoice contract limit.

  1. Click Your Account at the top of the portal. Your status to-date is displayed (“x of y SKUs shipped”).
  2. Click Details to view more information.

The Term Details page shows the term dates of your contract, the number of SKUs that have shipped, and the number of samples that have shipped per SKU.