When your campaign ends, we’ll email you a list of product orders from your sampling community members. If you are the vendor contact, the list is sent to your email address. To ensure your orders are fulfilled in a timely manner:

  1. Select Download Now! when you open the email. When you download the file to your local drive, it includes the following information:
    • Your campaign name and ID with which all the orders are associated. (The fulfillment file pertains to one campaign only.)
    • All open orders
    Note: If the shipping carrier does not ship to post office (PO) boxes, you need to contact members who have specified a PO box as their shipping address. Contact these members and request that they update their profiles with a new street address. When updated, you can download a new fulfillment distribution list.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the fulfillment file, enter the following information:
    • Shipped Date—Date of shipment, in this format: mm/dd/yyyy
    • Shipping Carrier—Name of the shipping carrier, such as FedEx Ground, UPS, or USPS
    • Tracking Number—Tracking number for the shipment as provided by the carrier. This number must be in numeric format and can’t contain dashes or other characters.
    • Tracking URL—Fully qualified web address to the carrier’s site where the member can track the shipment
  3. Send the completed CSV file back to Bazaarvoice Support .
  4. Monitor customer reviews once shipment has been completed.