When you create a campaign, you identify the products that will be sent out as samples to members of your community. You can offer existing or unreleased (new) products. If offering an existing product, the product must be in your Bazaarvoice product feed (in Ratings & Reviews).

The View Products page in Sampling is an overview of all products that have been added to your sampling program. Using this page, you can:

Note: Vendors can view information about products offered, requested, and shipped, and they can nominate products they would like included in a campaign.

View products

  1. Click Products at the top of the portal and then click View Products. By default, the page lists unreleased (new) and vendor-nominated products.
  2. Narrow the view by filtering products: select an option from the Filter Products dropdown.
  3. Search for a specific product by typing product name or SKU in the Search field (clear the field to list all products again).
  4. Sort products by clicking a column heading.

Here is a description of each column on the page:

  • Product Name – Name specified for the product when it was added or imported into the portal
  • SKU – Stock keeping unit (SKU) or product ID
  • Product Description – Description of the product
  • Brand – Brand of the product
  • Inventory Quantity – The number of samples that will be available during the campaign(s)
  • FMV – Fair market value (FMV) of the product, which is the general market price of the product on your website
  • Available – Date range when the product will be available
  • Vendor – Vendor that will manage fulfillment of the product