Though many email messages are sent during the course of a campaign and using the portal, you can send an “ad hoc” email message to one or more vendors.

Complete the following steps to send an ad hoc email message:

  1. Click Vendors at the top of the portal and then click View Vendors.
  2. Select a vendor who will receive the email message by clicking the check box on the right side of the vendor’s row.
    Tip: Vendor selections are not saved if you navigate to another page. If you multiple pages of vendors, select vendors on one page, send the email message, and then navigate to subsequent vendor pages to send messages to additional vendors.
  3. Click Send Ad Hoc Email. The Ad Hoc Email Template is displayed.
  4. Configure the following:

    • Subject – Include a clear and compelling call-to-action so that recipients understand what you are asking them to do. Use 9-14 words, if possible, and be cognizant of spam filter triggers, such as special characters, all capital letters, and so on. This field allows up to 50 characters.
    • Header (title) – Provide a clear and concise title to the email message. You can specify up to 50 characters.
    • Body – Include a single call-to-action to limiting distracts of other marketing messages. Provide clear and concise messaging so that recipients can quickly identify the action you want them take. You can specify up to 200 words.
  5. Click Send email to X vendors.