You can log in to the portal as a vendor to see the vendor view, which helps your vendors manage product requests from members.

Note: To return to the admin view, click Your Account » Log Out at the top of the member portal and then enter an admin's email address and password on the Sign In page.

Complete the following steps to see the vendor view:

  1. Click Vendors at the top of the portal and then click View Vendors.
  2. Click the Open View icon next to the vendor name in the list of vendors.

The dashboard is displayed to the member by default. This page provides an overview of the number of products offered, requested, and shipped, and the percentage and number of products reviewed. In addition, a vendor can perform these tasks from this page:

  • Download fulfillment distribution lists
  • Update tracking information
  • Export a list of unshipped products that have been requested
  • Export the list of campaigns
  • Mark selected products as shipped

The vendor can also click these options at the top of the page:

  • Products—Enables the vendor to view a list of their products and how many of each have been offered and requested. From this page, the vendor can nominate products to be sampled, add unreleased products to the program, and update a product’s details.
  • FAQs—Provides information about the sampling program and answers common questions that might arise as the vendor uses the portal.
  • Terms of Use—Provides term and conditions of the program.
  • Writing Guidelines—Describes how to write a review so that it can be published for others to see.
  • Your Account—Enables the vendor to update their information, reset their password, deactivate their account, contact Bazaarvoice, and sign out.