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Yes, you can add new products to the Sampling portal manually or by uploading a CSV file. Note, however, that these products are not added to your Bazaarvoice product feed.

Yes, reviews written by sampling members are displayed with standard text or a customizable incentivized badge image as described in About badges in the Ratings & Reviews Knowledge Base. When samplers' reviews are syndicated, they appear on the syndication site with the following text: This review was collected as part of a promotion.

Click Your Account at the top of the portal to view a snapshot of your status to date ("x of y SKUs shipped").

The risk of this happening is similar to what you experience when you offer a physical in-market test or sampling campaign on a new product. It is a business decision—can you accept the risk? This may be an issue for more "disruptive" products as opposed to brand or line extension innovations.

Also, make sure that social sharing is disabled in the Bazaarvoice workbench to prevent reviewers from sharing their feedback on social sites.

This depends on the campaign end date and the deployment option. It is important not to set the end dates too soon and miss the opportunity for later respondents. As you gain more experience with campaigns, you should be able to determine the duration that works best for you.

The shortest time frame possible is two and a half weeks:

1 week to deploy a membership invitation with an automatic campaign offer

+ 1 week for fulfillment

+ 2 days for members to use and respond to review request

+ 2 days for moderation

For most clients, the largest number of reviews are typically available 3-4 weeks after a campaign begins, given additional volume associated with the review request reminder email messages.