The Sync Reviews feature enables you to force an update of a member’s product reviews in your Sampling portal. You can sync a member’s reviews if the portal is not showing their latest review or other changes to their review activity.

Note: You must have administrator permissions to sync reviews. If you do not have the correct permissions, contact your Sampling portal administrator.

When should I sync reviews?

  • When you know a member has review activity that you can’t see in your Sampling portal. Your Sampling portal is updated by Bazaarvoice according to a regular schedule. When a member successfully posts a review, Bazaarvoice updates your Sampling portal with the new review in the next update. If you view the member’s activity in the portal (or the member logs in to the members’ portal to view their own profile) before the next update, you won’t see the latest review.

  • If a member’s review has been removed. This is an activity that isn’t included in the scheduled update, so you won’t see the change in your Sampling portal unless you sync reviews.

Performing the sync

Use Sync Reviews to sync the latest review activity for a member into your Sampling portal before the next scheduled update.

  1. Log in to your Sampling portal.
  2. From the Members tab menu, click View Members.
  3. Use Search to find the right member.
  4. Click the member’s alphanumeric ID directly under the Member ID column heading.
  5. In the member’s debugging page, click Sync Reviews.